A Book By Its Cover: “Birthright”

Now, I’ve been buying comics regularly for a little over a year now, and I have seen plenty of covers of first issues come and go, but trust me, I’m no expert whatsoever. When picking the comics for these articles, I’m going purely by what catches my eye first. There are a good number of series that start each week, so the chance of me picking any of those comics depends solely on the cover. Now you might be thinking that since this one starts with the letter “B” that I just went down the line alphabetically and stopped. You’re right to a point, except that I went backwards, starting at the end of the alphabet. Where I stopped, well, you already know.

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A Comic Book By Its Cover: An Explanation

Well howdy folks!

It’s the start of a new weekly segment, A Comic Book By Its Cover! So, what exactly is going to go on here? Well, it’s simple. Each week, we have our usual comic book pull list at our local comic book store. What we realized we were missing, as well fell into the routine of comic book goodness, was that there are so many different comics being released each week, all with inviting covers. That’s where we come in, wallets in hand.

Do we know anything about these books? No. Have we researched them at all? No. We are strictly going by their cover. So we buy one. One number one issue each week based solely on the cover.

The segment will start this week, if all goes smoothly. Keep an eye out!

What’s More Amazing Than The Fact Stan Lee’s Comikaze Is Over Halloween Weekend?

No, that wasn’t a rhetorical question, I’m seriously wondering if anyone can come up with an answer for me. Because, really, Halloween and Comikaze rolled into one? Delightful.



Stan Lee’s Comikaze, a comic and pop culture appreciation convention hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center,  has blossomed over the past few years, growing at an exponential rate as fans from all over flock to a celebration of all things geek hosted by the King himself. We here at The Futon Alliance have watched this convention transform from a chaotic fledgling with many kinks to the comfortable, excited production it has become. And while there may always be improvements to make, Comikaze has definitely found it’s niche. This convention has always been able to pull some great Guests of Honor–I mean, they’ve already got Stan Lee locked down and it doesn’t get much better than that–ranging from folks like The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus to voice acting princess Tara Strong, and this year is no exception. So, what can you look forward to at this year’s Comikaze?

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