Comikaze Weekend: How to Spend All Your Money Without Even Trying

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During the relative calm that was Friday, we were able to casually peruse the convention show floor, taking in the splendor of the show…as well as finding only about a thousand things we wanted to buy. Comikaze’s vendors are on point this year, displaying a level of creativity that left my mouth agape and my wallet quietly sobbing. Usually, we wait until the final day of a con to make most of our purchases, but this year’s need was great. As we traveled from aisle to aisle, we encountered a plethora of passionate, creative, absolutely-in-love-with-what-they’re-doing people. We also, of course, encountered the items they had for sale. Many of those items are now sitting on the dining room table, waiting to be read, played, worn, or displayed. Seriously, my wallet is weeping voraciously as it sits besides this collection of goodies.

I can’t feel too bad, though. The majority of purchases went to small press, individual artists, or straight to people who decided making flasks that looked like game cartridges was a great idea (they were right). Now we possess a sprawling array of diverse and beautiful comics to devour over the next few days.

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Stan Lee’s Comikaze: Panels to Watch Out For


Stop me if this sounds familiar. You bought tickets months ago. You’ve stalked twitter and facebook and instagram for any and all updates; you know which of your favorite stars will be in attendance and which shows will be offering panels or even screenings. You even have your cosplay line-up finalized (the line-up okay, nobody said anything about the actual outfits, there’s still plenty of time to finish those, you’ll argue desperately as sleep slips further and further from grasp). Transportation? Check. Hotel situation? Gooood to go. You waited anxiously for the organizers to release the schedule, desperate to start plotting out your panel schedule. And then maybe those unfinished cosplays got in the way and you remember heaving a sigh of relief when the e-mail announcing the schedule arrived, promising to look at it as soon as this damn outfit was finished, and then quickly succumbing to the never-going-to-finish despair and forgetting all about the official schedule waiting for you…until the week of the con. Or, you know, two days before go day. Maybe it’s just me.

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