SDCC 2013 Tips: Convention Prep Edition



San Diego Comic-Con International can be quite the daunting convention if you are headed there for your first time. Even those who have been multiple times know of the massive amount of energy and time that goes into enjoying the convention to its fullest. We here at The Futon Alliance are here to help you! So here is the first part of a handy list of tips for you to try and enjoy the con in every way possible (there are a lot, keep in mind!) Keep checking back in the upcoming days before the convention for more tips from us!

Start packing now! When time gets down to the wire for things get forgotten for the convention. Last year we forgot extra underwear!

We’re completely serious. Even if it just starting to set aside items that you need to pack, or even items that you think you should pack, now is a good time to do it. We already have a list of items we need to bring just to make sure that we don’t forget anything. While there is plenty of time to buy merchandise you can wear at the convention, you don’t want to spend tons of money just because you forgot a plethora of t-shirts.

Comfortable clothes are a

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must! You’re going to be walking a lot so it’s time to find your comfy clothes and shoes!

Even though it is going to be beautiful San Diego in the middle of July, comfortable shoes are a must! You are going to be walking all over the convention, from panel to panel, and all over the exhibition floor. Your feet will thank you for keeping them happy. Comfortable clothes are also important. Most times you may be sitting for a few hours through multiple panels, or even waiting outside in the Hall H and Ballroom 20 line. Don’t be the person who is the least comfortable in your clothes while everyone around you in having a comfortable and fun time.

Cosplaying? Make sure you have all your pieces now! No one wants an unfinished costume come show time!

We’re busy working on our own sets of cosplays, so we know what it feels like to have the pressure of finishing up a costume or four. Our suggestion is

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to make a list of all the items included in your cosplay, and go over the list plenty of times to make sure you have all the pieces you need.

Planning on attempting to see a panel and get an autograph? Be prepared to choose one or the other.

Once the schedules for both the panels and the autograph times come out to the general public, it’s going to be time to sit down and really evaluate your priorities. Panels and autographs both consist of a lot of wait time, which means most of the time you cannot do both. Say you want to get an autograph from a cast of a movie, and then make it to their panel moments afterward? We wish you the best of luck. In our experience, you need to choose one or the other.

While you may find a stray outlet around the convention center, they are hard to come by! We suggest buying a portable charger!

Trust us. We’ve seen people camped out around the convention center just to use an outlet here and there so they can charge their phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, etc. You name it, someone has probably tried to charge it from one of those outlets. We have found it helpful to invest in portable chargers. They last quite a while, charge your electronics fully and at a fast pace, and can be recharged back at your hotel each night.

Have a back-up plan!

While we wait patiently for the schedules to be released, come to terms with the fact now that you will not always get into the first panel of your choosing. Comic-Con has tons to offer, all of which happen simultaneously to one another. While you may not get into that big panel you wanted, there may be a smaller panel elsewhere in the convention center that will completely enthrall you and make you happy that you missed your first choice. We’ve been to a lot of the smaller panels and have always had an amazing time. Don’t let the big panels take over all of your attention!


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